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Fiesta Salad

Fiesta Salad #nomoresadsalads

Okay, first things first. Vegans don’t eat just salads for every meal. Or just lettuce, for that matter. If you are already a vegan, you’ve probably been on the receiving end of that joke at least once.

Sure, Sometimes We Eat Lots of Salads

With that being said, we happen to love salads. We don’t eat them every single day, but we generally find that a salad can be a tasty and quick lunch option. However, our daughter brought to our attention that most people hate salads, find them boring, and think they are all like the depressing side salads you get at a restaurant with just iceberg lettuce and shredded carrot. We are here to tell you that a bed of lettuce has a lot more potential than that.

Great Salads Usually Start in the Fridge

We start every salad with an examination of the fridge. This Fiesta Salad recipe came from the makings of what would’ve been rice and beans. Except we didn’t feel like taking the time to make rice since we were in a hurry, so we just gathered all our normal rice and bean toppings on a bed of spring mix. Plus, a few other of our go-to salad toppings.

Own Your Salad

In our house, almost anything can go on a salad. So go forth and be empowered to put new things on your bed of lettuce! Don’t be afraid to test out sweet (apples, chopped dates), crunchy (nuts, sunflower seeds) or acidic (oranges, pickles) ingredients to give your salad an extra kick. Explore alternatives for salad dressing, like the salsa and sour cream pairing we use in this recipe. If you find that salads tend to not be hearty enough for you, try what we do in the Fiesta Salad and add your favorite kind of bean to the mix. We even love to use our Better Than Tuna as a major player in a salad!

No More Sad Salads!

If this posts inspires you to make a creative salad, post it on Instagram with the hashtag #nomoresadsalads. Tag us in it @fullofbeanslife (you are following us, right?) and we will repost it, and the best ones will be featured in a future blog post! Let’s take back salads!


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Fiesta Salad

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  • Author: Georgia @ Full of Beans
  • Category: Salad
  • Diet: Vegan


No more sad salads!

You can easily make this quick salad from ingredients you probably already have: fresh greens, olives, avocado, and beans.


Units Scale
  • 3 cups chopped lettuce or salad greens
  • 1/4 cup sliced red onion
  • 1/4 cup jarred mild pepper rings (or jalapeños if you like heat)
  • 6 grape tomatoes, halved
  • 4 black olives, halved
  • 2/3 cup cooked black beans or a combination of black and kidney beans
  • 1/22/3 cup salsa
  • Dollop of vegan sour cream


  • Let’s take back salads! #nomoresadsalads

Husband and wife, father and mother, working adults – Greg and Georgia formed Full of Beans to share encouragement, inspiration, and tips to get you started on, and maintain, a plant-based vegan diet (even if you think you don't have the time/money/skills/energy). See the About page for more.

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