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Greg and Georgia at New Smyrna BeachI am the “other half” of Full of Beans. The bulk of my work with FOB is the technical and artistic side. So that means the photography, graphics, the website, social media, fussing over analytics, etc.  But you will also find the occasional post from me. This division of labor doesn’t mean we aren’t a team, though. While a life team since we met in High School (in the late 70’s) we have long wanted to have a project or an endeavor to work on together – Full of Beans is the expression of that desire.

Professionally I am what people often call an “Art Director”. This means that I am involved in all sorts of commercial art like branding, marketing, presenting, selling, photographing, explaining etc. If you are interested in that part of my life you can find it here at LinkedIn and here at my website. In addition, I am also a NASM certified Personal Trainer. Wellness, fitness, athletics have been a passion my entire life. Therefore also becoming a vegan in June 2013 (same time as Georgia) is a sort of culmination of that passion. 

My goals now are to use all the skills I have picked up in the past years to spread the message of fitness, wellness, and the compassionate life. I want to share information, and encourage people, to help them embrace an thriving abundant life. I also want to use this skill and passion to bring awareness to the life threatening (in the biggest sense possible) issue of industrial animal agriculture and all that accompanies it. In this sense I have a huge debt to those individuals and organizations who have inspired me: Rich Roll, Colleen Patrick-Goodreau, Dr T. Colin Campbell,, nutrition etc

Here is a little bit more about me on this video from our YouTube channel:

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