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The Mortar and Pestle

One of our favorite kitchen tools is a classic that embraces connection with our ingredients and rejects the trend of plastic appliances: the Mortar and…

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2 young women discussing veganism and eating veggies

4 Gentle Ways To Introduce Veganism To Family And Friends

How do you introduce veganism to family and friends? We have some simple suggestions. Since you’re reading our blog you’re at least curious about the…

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hazelnut and cauliflower salad

How To Make Plant-Based Meals That Aren’t Boring

Non-vegans often think vegan food is boring. Be ready to show them the truth! We hear it from non-vegans all the time: "vegan food is…

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A beautiful table ready for a vegan dinner party

How To Throw a Vegan Dinner Party

A dinner party is a wonderful way to share delicious vegan food with those you love. It's unlikely, for any vegan, that every single person…

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