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Our Best Ideas For Vegan Gift Giving

Are you stuck wondering about the best vegan gift-giving and products when holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, and other celebrations occur? It’s a spot that we all get to eventually. After all, gift-giving for vegans is a way to align your actions (spending money, purchasing products, giving gifts) with your ethics. In order to help you do that, we have compiled this list of companies, big and small, that sell vegan products or are organizations that sell products for their support. There is something for everyone in this list: clothing, footwear, accessories, bath & beauty, home decor, etc. We consulted several long-time vegan activist friends to make this list so you can be confident in your choices. OK, let’s get to the list!

The Best Vegan Cosmetics, Beauty and Body Products

Booda Organics sells wonderful body products and they are committed to producing vegan and sustainable products. From their website: “we provide the purest body care necessities to support your greatest health and well-being! Our products are handmade with lots of love, thoughtfulness and integrity — choosing only the highest quality, food-grade, organic, non-GMO, sustainable, vegan ingredients. And just as importantly, our formulas never contain anything unnecessary or harmful because we understand that ‘What goes ON your skin, also goes IN!’ Booda’s products are gentle, yet highly effective — and gentle on our planet too!”

Lush is a familiar brand to many people and is a worldwide company. They sell a huge list of iconic products for bath, body, and hair. While their product line is not 100% vegan it is 100% vegetarian and they are absolutely committed to cruelty-free practices. More info here.

Dr. Squatch sells soaps and grooming products for guys (and the people who love guys). As they say on their website they are “changing the way men approach hygiene by providing natural, healthy products that make you feel like a man and smell like a champion. All (the) soaps are made in the USA using the finest ingredients nature has to offer”. Almost all of their products are vegan.

Pacifica Beauty Products sells a complete line of 100% vegan beauty, skin, hair, bath, and body products. Pacifica is committed to sustainability, compassion, and producing natural clean products without compromise. They have been cruelty-free and vegan from the start. They make it simple in their mission: “You should not have to choose between effective or clean, beauty or health, self or environment. We create clean products across all categories that are accessible and make you feel beautiful. No need to compromise.”

roote (formerly Birch and Main Candle) makes a line of bath & body, candles, and diffusers that are perfect for vegan gift-giving. They hand craft natural, botanical-based products made to compliment a natural lifestyle. Inspired by old-world craftsmanship with a clean, modern apothecary aesthetic, Roote strives to provide daily essentials utilizing only pure, clean, and safe ingredients.

Our Favorite Vegan Clothing Products for Vegan Gift Giving

Will’s Vegan Store Delightfully stylish clothing, footwear, and other products for men and women. Will’s is based in London and ships worldwide. They  have been a vegan company at the front of vegan clothing and sustainable fashion since they were established in 2012 by founder Will Green. More info here.

Heartcure (vegan clothing) UK vegan activist partners Jordan and Georgia’s dream was to provide ethical stylish vegan clothes that are kind to us all. That dream is a reality on their online shop where they sell clothing of all kinds for all ages.

Kat Mendenhall  Texas vegan activist Kat Mendenhall is on a mission to disrupt the fashion industry by offering a line of cruelty-free cowboy boots and other non-leather accessories. On her online store, you can shop a line of boots and accessories with that distinctive Texas attitude – 100% vegan!

Styngvi Design Committed vegan activist, illustrator, and artist, Stefan Yngvi produces apparel, artwork, and accessories. He donates a portion of his profits to causes such as animal liberation, climate justice, and LGBTQ+ rights.

Native Shoes We all are aware of the impact shoes, and their production and disposal has on the environment. Native is dedicated to changing that. They have fun, stylish shoes for all types and for adults and children.

The Grinning Goat – They say it best on their website: “Created as a solution to Calgary’s lack of ethical vegan shopping destinations, The Grinning Goat is Alberta, Canada’s only vegan boutique. Opened in September 2017, the boutique carries men’s and women’s footwear, tees, tanks and sweaters, outerwear, belts, bags, jewelry, vegan flair, and more.“ They ship online orders worldwide but also offer gift cards.

Herbivore Clothing 100% vegan activist couple, Josh and Michelle sell a fabulous line of clothing, accessories, home products, etc that feature great style and awesome artwork. Herbivore has been going strong since 2002! 

NOIZE sells a fantastic, complete line of clothing for men and women that includes “PETA-approved” vegan furs and leathers. NOIZE is a company with a strong commitment to its values: “As a cruelty-free brand, we are here to inspire inspirational people. Those who fearlessly travel their own paths, and know that it is our duty to leave this world better than we found it. With each new day, we strive to achieve more, excited to expand and embrace the new at every level of what we do. We’ve set the bar high — with a promise to keep it there — so you can live your life in style, authentically and unapologetically.”

PAWJ Designer Julee Merill produces cruelty-free boots and fleece-lined footwear very similar to Uggs. She is passionate about creating a better world for animals while sustaining their right to life. Her products are a glimpse of what is possible in that world!

Fantastic Sanctuaries to Support with Donations and Product Purchases

Farm Sanctuary Gift Store All sorts of products from the original farm animal sanctuary in the USA.

Iowa Farm Sanctuary Well designed products for sale that support their mission as well as the option to sponsor individual animals (complete with a gallery of them!). 

Little Bear Sanctuary is a wonderful sanctuary for farm animals in Punta Gorda FL. The rescued animals are able to freely roam and enjoy life. The Little Bear shop has clothing and other products for sale, you can support them on Patreon, make a one-time donation, and even make a regular donation for the support of an individual animal)

Barn Sanctuary This Michigan, USA sanctuary was founded in 2016 in pursuit of a lofty mission to change the way the world views farmed animals by rescuing, rehabilitating abused and neglected farmed animals in need. It is home to over 100 rescued farmed animals including: cows, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, sheep, and goats. They sell a range of apparel and other goods at their webshop.

You Can Make Ethical Shopping Decisions with Confidence

We hope this list is helpful for you as you navigate the almost overwhelming world of products. There is so much to consider if you are determined to make ethical choices, for the environment, people, and animals.

Thank You

We have to give a HUGE thanks to the following beautiful people for their assistance and suggestions that are the foundation of this list.

Liz Jones is a tireless animal rights advocate and founder of Operation Liberation which is dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating, and finding permanent homes for non-human animals and providing humanitarian relief and assistance to people in low income, at-risk or disaster-stricken regions. Liz is on Instagram but you also can find Operation Liberation on FaceBook, and Patreon.

Nikki Namdar of Orlando Vegans. Nikki is one of our oldest connections in the vegan community (and an all-around wonderful person). She is also the founder of one of the leading vegan groups in Central Florida.  In addition to their website, you can also find Orlando Vegans on FaceBook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Kim Moffatt is an amazing activist, animal advocate, and friend who regularly posts compelling and challenging content on Instagram. She also is a dedicated member of the team behind the absolutely incredible Community Solidarity which is America’s largest all-vegetarian hunger relief food program. Their philosophy is that compassion for people, animals, and the environment goes hand in hand. Please consider supporting them.

Our mission is to provide you with reviews, recipes, and information to help you along, and thrive, in your vegan life journey. Whether you are vegan-curious, just getting started, or well on your way we cheer you on! While you are shopping for yourself, or for gifts for those you love, we hope you have a few minutes to check out some of our other posts like Our 12 Fav Vegan Holiday Recipes, Lifestyle posts, or our posts about nutrition.

Husband and wife, father and mother, working adults – Greg and Georgia formed Full of Beans to share encouragement, inspiration, and tips to get you started on, and maintain, a plant-based vegan diet (even if you think you don't have the time/money/skills/energy). See the About page for more.

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