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Gluten-free vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies: Review

HEY. It’s Elena! Those two crazy kids, Greg and Georgia, are finally letting me do a little guest spot on Full of Beans. And it’s on my almost favorite subject: vegan and gluten-free baked goods that are actually good (in this post it’s specifically gluten-free vegan double chocolate chip cookies).

Wait, My Problem is GLUTEN?

In high school, Georgia and I used the process of elimination to figure out what on earth was going on with my body all the time. Unfortunately, the answer was that I’m gluten-intolerant. I know there are people who are gluten-free by choice and not by necessity. But (and this is a classic Georgia saying) let me say this about that; being gluten-free because you have to be is often a little depressing. The amount of quality baked goods takes a nosedive once you go to the GF section. And don’t even get me started on cake or cookie mixes that are GF.

Gluten-free Aisle and Hope

There is always a lot of hope in the gluten-free aisle…but sometimes it just doesn’t work. However, a gluten free rainbow came through the clouds in Aldi’s of all places. Their gluten free brand “Live G-Free” is actually…really good. The first thing we tried (and when I say we it’s basically all me and the other three just have to eat it) was their granola, which was averagely good. Then their pasta, which was solidly above average for a brown rice pasta. We have also tried their GF tortilla wraps which are tasty and a total god-send because rice tortillas can be a total pain in the butt to work with. Then just recently Greg grabbed their gluten free chocolate, chocolate chip cookie mix.

Gluten-free Vegan Chocolate Chip Cookies = Comfort!

Aldis LiveGfree gluten-free vegan double chocolate chip cookies - packaging 1600px

To be honest, I was going through a breakup and he figured that nothing helped that like chocolate times chocolate cookies.
I was skeptical but it smelled really good – so I gave it a go. The mix only requires some oil, water, and an egg. You can use flax eggs but Georgia has been batting for the chia seed egg team so I used that instead. I found that after trying to mix it with a whisk that there was still dry mix at the bottom of the bowl, so I added a little more water and just stuck my hands in there and it all mixed together well. The mix seemed to have 1.5:1 ratio of chips to cookie mix so there was just excess chips all over the place. This is not necessarily a problem…just means you can snack while you put the cookies together.

Let’s Make Some Gluten-free Vegan Double Chocolate Chip Cookies

The recipe says that you make 1 inch balls to bake, and it ends up with about 30 cookies. Unfortunately, one of my flaws is that I have no capacity for length or distance so I think they ended up being 2 1/2 inch balls which only made 14 cookies. I had to keep them in the oven for about 5 minutes longer than suggested because of how big they were but the end result was surprisingly glorious.
The cookie part was yummy-the outside had some crunch and the inside was soft-and the chocolate chips (which thankfully were vegan) took it to the next level.

All in all, we have really enjoyed Aldi’s GF brand. The products are really tasty and easy to work with. They also seem to skew strongly vegan (or at least vegan-possible) which is obviously a total plus. So if you need gluten free, and have an Aldi’s in your area or within reasonable driving distance, go check it out!

Elena is child #2 and currently a student at Fordham University. She is an Psychology major, athlete, writer, and roasted potato wedge addict.

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    1. Hi Natalie! Thanks for the comments – those were some cookies! Elena really makes everything her “own”. The Aldis has only been there a short time but its an interesting option for lots of stuff.
      – Greg

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