How To Grow Sprouts

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Growing your own sprouts is a great way to incorporate fresh, healthful and live food into your diet in a safe and easy way! With a relatively small effort, you can have a steady supply of a delicious and economical vegetables right from the kitchen counter.


Water (preferably filtered)

Sprouting seeds of your choice


Start with a clean and well rinsed sprouting jar.

Pour in about 1/4 cup of sprouting seeds (yield will be about 4 cups) and cover with about 1 cup of filtered water and gently swirl.

Allow to soak for about an hour (I have read to soak overnight, but I have never done that.) and then gently drain off the water.

Lay the jar on its side out of direct heat and sunlight. Laying the jar on its side, maximized the air needed for sprouting.

Every day, gently rinse the sprouts with filtered water and drain, returning it to its side position. In hot weather, you may want to rinse twice a day, but always drain very well and handle them gently.

After about 4-5 days, the sprouts are ready. I gently transfer them to a container in the fridge to free up the sprouting jar for the next batch. The fresh sprouts will last several days, but be sure that they are not standing in any residual water from the sprouting jar.


remember to keep the jar out of hot sun, or temps that are too cool

be gentle with them when you change the water

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