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Kitchen Gadget of the Week: Magnetic Clips

IKEA Magnetic Clips

In this week’s installment of Kitchen Gadget of the Week, we are featuring something that may not directly be used for cooking, but it absolutely helps keep your kitchen organized! Kitchen Gadget of the Week #4: IKEA Magnetic Clips!

What it Does and Why We Like It

These are absolutely, wonderfully simple. They free up space on your countertop and allow you to securely hang all sorts of things like shopping lists, photos, notes, and recipes! We even use them to hang some of our big spoons and ladles! We love these because they do one thing (and do it well) and they are solidly made from stainless steel.

These magnetic clips will stick on your fridge, your oven, stove hood, sink, and all sorts of places. The magnet is surprisingly strong so you won’t have to worry about something suddenly falling when you close the fridge door a little too firm or a gust of wind blows through the kitchen window.

IKEA Magnetic clip holding a shopping list on a fridge door
This shopping list (which you can get FREE by subscribing!) isn’t going anywhere!

What Is Our Fav Recipe To Use This For?

Well, we’d like to think that these sweet clips would help you make ALL the recipes on this blog! 🙂 But, perhaps you could start with our Spicy Sesame Noodles like we are in the picture just below!

Where Can You Get It?

You may be able to find magnets, and little funky things that stick on your fridge, or other hangers and racks in all sorts of places. But we love products that are thoughtfully designed and well made and we have found so many of them at IKEA. These fabulous, sturdy clips are part of the KUNGSFORS system and you can find a 3-pack of them right here.

IKEA Magnetic Clip holding a recipe

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